Thursday, 15 August 2013

2Dcast Episode 31.1 : Irish Comics Panel from 2D Festival

Please enjoy this special edition of the 2dcast, the Irish comic scene discussion from this years 2d Festival. Our republic of Ireland correspondent Ciaran Marcantonio talks the Irish scene with a cavalcade of guests including:

Robert Curley ( Atomic Diner)
Hilary Lawler ( Super Hilbo!!!)
Darrin O Toole ( Earthruler)
Kevin Logue ( Uproar Comics)

plus a special guest appearance from Declan Shalvey ( Venom, Deadpool ).

This was recorded live so the technical issues were live too, but clear up after the 8 minute mark or so.

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

2D Festival 2013 Day 1

With the first days workshops over we had an opportunity to have a chat with podcaster, academic, comics creator and all round nice guy Dan Berry about his work We also had a talk with perennial Irish scene favourite Alan Nolan about today’s workshops, his forthcoming work and most importantly SANCHO~! Tune in tomorrow for further festival fun.

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

2D Festival 2013 Podcast Alpha

2D Festival 2013 Alpha

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IT ALL STARTS HERE!!!!!! Well actually it all starts tomorrow, but nonetheless the 2dcast team are here to give you a short preamble to this year’s 2d Festival with the first of FIVE podcast this week.  Nothing in particular here just a bit of festival info and ting. Its only ten minutes so give it a whirl.

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

2Dcast Episode 28: With Special Guests Gar Shanley, Nathan Donnell and Niall Kavanagh.


As the last minute panic grows ever stronger we chat with newly announced 2d Festival guest Gar Shanley who tells us about the brand new Courageous Mayhem anthology. We  have a spoiler ( and rant) filled review of the fantastic Star Trek Into Darkness. We also talk To Nathan Donnell and Niall Kavanagh about The (now fully funded) who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. The audio for the three way conversation was a bit dodgy; we apologise and won’t be trying that again.

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Reviewed in this episode:

Green Lantern Corps issue 20 by Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin

 All New X-Men issue 11: Brian Michael BendisCover Artist: Stuart Immonen

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Review : He Man and The Masters of the Universe issue 1

 He Man and The Masters of the Universe issue 1

Written by Keith Giffen

Art by: Pop Mahn



Ahhh, Masters of the Universe. Golden memories of summer mornings spent watching the poorly animated treat from Filmation,  followed by going outside to kick a ball around for nineteen hours before bed time. Great days. Great Days. Even as a child I realised (like most people have ) that  MOTU was a shite ,and although  the 2002 reboot was a lot better it didn’t exactly have a lot of staying power did it. I thought we had seen the last of the most powerful man in the universe.

A re-launch of the Masters of the Universe franchise seems like an especially unlikely candidate for a DC book in 2013 given how “New 52” centric the company has become over the last 18 months, and yet clearly the Minis and one-shots must have sold enough to make it seem viable as He-Man and the Masters of The Universe is now an on-going. It’s not so much the choice of licensed property, more the fact that it’s a licenced property at all. I know that DC had the rights to MOTU back in the day and all that, but if you squint hard enough at it you would swear this was an IDW title. Oh well.

Picking up where the six issue mini leaves off (I’m assuming this as I didn’t read it) the people of Eternia are preparing to celebrate the life and mourn the death of the Sorceress, when they fall under attack by the forces of the Horde. The rest of the issue is just a big battle leading to the shocking reveal. The Horde, by the way are  being led by a weirdly sexy Hordak kind of female type thing which left me in a strange place where I found myself finding Hordak kind of hot, and asking myself serious questions about my sanity. Fortunately the final page which reveals that it’s actually She Ra wearing a mask took care of that issue but also raised a second set of different questions about my sanity.
The battle for Eternias' huge....tracts of land.

In tone this finds itself somewhere mid-way between a loving homage to both the original Filmation series and the 2002 re launch, and an Ultimate’s style reboot. It takes the elements of the cartoons that are acceptable to a modern audience and ramps them up. The elements that are unacceptable? Well they get kept too, but made fun of. It’s not exactly reverential to the source material, but there’s certainly enough here to keep the nostalgia crowd happy without out it being a turn off to non-fans.


The writing is nothing earth shattering, but Giffen is a favourite of mine and he manages to work in enough of his trademark witty dialogue to keep things moving along at a sharpish pace, and The Jim Lee influenced art by Pop Mahn (awesome name) is super solid, so the whole thing is entirely decent enough that I would be interested to see more. A decent first issue that will hopefully lead to better things down the line.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

2dcast Episode 27.1: 2d Festival 2012 Panel discussion

As a preview to this year’s festival we present a recording of one of last year’s panel discussions looking at cultural differences and how they relate to comics properties. Chair Chris Thompson hosts a line-up that includes Chris Ryall (Chief Creative Officer and Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing , Emma Vieceli (THE AVALON CHRONICLES) and Cam Kennedy (living bloody legend). Due to the late night nature of this panel this podcast is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Meanwhile back at the ranch Ciaran and Bobby have a spoilerific mini review of IRON MAN 3.

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Monday, 22 April 2013

2Dcast Episode 27: Dare to be stupid with Nick Roche!!!!!

In a break from the norm we devote the entire episode to a candid chat with long-time friend of the 2dCast and Transformers main man Nick Roche. This episode is mostly Bobby, Nick, and myself fawning over comics about a range of Japanese toys, so if you’re not into that possibly give this a miss. If you are into that we talk about every facet of the Transformers G1 mythos .We will return with a “normal” episode at the end of this week. Of course it never really ends though, does it? A great episode so check it out.
Only 5 Weeks till 2D!!!! #2dcomicsfest.
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