Monday, 23 February 2009

Verbal Magazine Reviews : Dungeon Of Death By Scott Keith

Dungeon of Death: Chris Benoit and the Hart Family Curse.

Scott Keith
Citadel Press Books.

On June 24th 2007 the pseudo sport/ panto of professional wrestling experienced what would become its most famous mainstream moment as the man known as the “Canadian Crippler “ Chris Benoit suffocated his wife and son, and then took his own life in a similarly grizzly fashion. In the aftermath of this tragedy well known internet commentator and author Scott Keith has taken a long hard look at the reasons behind the bizarre murder suicide and made some fairly frightening discoveries about the lifestyles, attitudes and ( shorter than you would imagine) life expectancies of the men and women involved in the carnival world.
The findings of these essay are nothing new to hardcore wrestling fans, but to the average punter the figures (between 50 and 100 wrestlers under the age of 40 have died as a direct result of wrestling and the drug culture associated with it), will come as quite a shock as will the risks and sacrifices these alleged “kids entertainers” have to go through to achieve success in their chosen field. Author Scott Keith has laid out the pertinent stories in a compact and easy to read fashion, that at the very least makes sure that the difficult to digest horror stories contained within are dished out in bite sized chunks .It all seems a far cry from the make believe world of Hulk Hogan, Big Daddy and the Rock. Recommended.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

It's about fucking time.......

I've been waiting nearly 25 years for a decent set of Ghostbusters figures to be released . Then today while browsing the excellent coverage of the NYC Comiccon is see these beuts.

Absolute crackers. I feel I may weep. A slight improvement over ..........