Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Never published review

I thought this one was funny as fuck

The Beatles : A Diary

Omnibus Press

Barry Miles

There must be at least a million books about The Beatles. Seriously. One Million. In fact I’ve just checked on Amazon, and there are exactly a million, covering everything from their music and lyrics, to charting Ringos beard growth (an underrated classic). This makes one million and one. The Beatles: A Diary charts the story of the Beatles on a day by day basis from 1934 through to 1970. Day by Day. For thirty-six years. Who needs that? Who needs to know that on February the 3rd 1972 Ring visited the American embassy in Paris to get a work visa? A pedant perhaps or a maniac that’s who. Still as it’s a pretty good resource as far as track and set lists go, and there are some nice photos, i'm going to say this book is the ideal Christmas gift for any Beatles fan. Can’t say fairer than that now can I.