Sunday, 12 July 2009

War Journal : Masons Comedy Club 4/6/09

Me doing stupid voices.

This one was a bit crazy. The harsh financial reality of our impending Fringe trip had begun to set in and it became very obvious that we needed to make a shit load of money on this one or else we were gonna be up cack alley. As a result of this i was absolutely shitting myself for a few days before hand. The acts had all agreed to perform for free, and Masons were behind us , so i don't know what exactly it was i was worried about , i just knew i was worried. Basically we all needed a shit load of people to turn up.
When people talk about a picture being worth a thousand words they mean this picture

As it turned out we needn't have worried about it . All the acts were awesome , in particular new friend of the Concept Shane Todd, and the crowd was massive, so large in fact that i was reminded of the days when DR Page would stand behind the curtian and ask " who are you people ?" over and over again. Our set went quite well, although I felt there was an awful lot me doing stupid voices. There were a couple of sketches that i felt flat out did not work ( propaganda) , but overall the set goes well. Sorcha stole the show with her monologue. FUCKING BITCH. Post show activities inclue the usual drunken madness , with the strabane contingent in particular doing themselcves proud. A good time was had by most.

Two more satisfied customers seeking shelter neath the Freebirds wing